Root Canal Treatment in Houston, TX

Root Canal Treatment in Houston, TX


nviable Smiles dentistry is a highly advanced, premier dental facility that provides comprehensive and compassionate care for a wide variety of complex conditions. Our goal is to help you achieve a gorgeous smile you feel confident flaunting, which starts with good oral health. The board-certified doctors and dental professionals at Enviable Smiles dentistry recommend root canal therapy for the treatment of severely decayed teeth in situations where a dental filling is no longer a viable option. Also known as endodontic treatment, root canal therapy treats the infected tooth, preventing decay from spreading to other teeth and in most cases, preventing the need for tooth extraction. The Enviable Smiles dentistry team is aware of the fear that sometimes accompanies these types of procedures. However, we want you to rest assured that we will prioritize your comfort and care by utilizing state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge techniques to complete your therapy with precision and accuracy. Our office also offers sedation dentistry to help ease fears and anxiety and help you relax during your procedure. We invite you to schedule a consultation at Enviable Smiles dentistry to learn more about root canal therapy.


An infection in the pulp of a tooth can be caused by a deep crack, a cavity, or physical trauma. Some of the most common signs that you may have an infected tooth (and need to seek treatment) are tooth or jaw pain, swelling or discoloration of the gums (around the affected tooth), and changes in the color of the tooth. If the infected pulp is not removed, it will become increasingly painful as the infection spreads to other parts of your mouth. A root canal addresses the infection and stops it from spreading to other teeth or your blood stream.


During an endodontic procedure, one of our board-certified dentists will assess the inner chamber of your tooth and then carefully remove the infected pulp utilizing state-of-the-art tools and techniques. From there, the inside of the empty chamber will be thoroughly sterilized to remove any lingering debris. Once the tooth is cleaned, it will be filled with a special material to seal and protect the tooth. In most cases, a custom-made crown will be placed over the treated tooth to protect it.


Depending on what sedation was used, you may need to have a responsible adult take you home after your procedure. Your mouth may feel sensitive or swollen, but this should not last more than a few days and your doctor may prescribe a pain reliever. You should schedule a follow-up appointment for six months after your root canal. Our team will check to make sure the infection is gone and that your mouth has healed. After that, you should continue to schedule annual dental exams and bi-annual cleanings to maintain your dental health.


During your consultation, a member of our team will discuss insurance coverage and cost so we can make your treatment fit your needs as well as your budget. If you have dental insurance, we will contact your carrier to determine your coverage. If you don't have dental insurance, MINT dentistry accepts many payment methods and we can help you find low-interest medical financing. Ask about the Enviable Smiles Discount Plan to learn how we can help you afford your dental care.


Thanks to advances in medical techniques and technology, a root canal can be a fast, easy process to treat an infected tooth. Along with different levels of sedation, your root canal at Enviable Smiles dentistry can be comfortable to save you from tooth pain or more invasive procedures. Contact one of our locations to schedule a consultation with our Enviable Smiles dentistry team for more information on root canal therapy and other ways to improve your dental health.

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