Get White, Bright Teeth for The New Year

Get White, Bright Teeth for The New Year

Posted by DR. CHUKS

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on Jan 16 2023, 10:32 AM

Get White, Bright Teeth for The New Year

Many people make New Year’s resolutions for self-improvement. This includes goals like getting in shape, losing weight, improving health, etc. Most people focus on getting healthier, but we should also focus on improving the appearance of our smile.

Porcelain veneers are like masks for your teeth -- they’re thin shells that go over your existing teeth to hide chips, stains, and gaps while also making your smile look whiter and brighter. Porcelain veneers are one of the most versatile cosmetic dental treatments. They can be used to accomplish many different smile makeover goals. Here are some common uses for veneers:

  • To hide chips and cracks in your teeth
  • To brighten a dull or discolored smile
  • To close the gap between two teeth
  • To straighten crooked teeth
  • To create a uniform smile where all of your teeth are a similar shape, size, and color
  • To fix an overbite or underbite

Veneers can also be used to improve the appearance of your crown or bridge. If you have a tooth that is damaged but still holds on to most of its original structure, we can place a porcelain veneer over the weakened area to strengthen the tooth and prevent more damage from happening.

How Are Porcelain Veneers Placed?

Before beginning the process of placing your porcelain veneers, your dentist will first clean and polish your teeth. Your enamel will be roughened slightly to ensure the veneer can properly adhere. Next, we’ll take impressions of your teeth so the veneer can be designed to fit your smile perfectly. A temporary veneer will be placed while your custom one is crafted in a dental lab. Once your permanent veneer is ready, you’ll return to our Troy dental office to have it placed and bonded to your tooth. This is usually a quick process – we can typically place and bond your new veneer in as little as two visits!

How Long Do Porcelain Veneers Last?

Porcelain veneers are long-lasting when properly cared for and maintained. In general, veneers will last around ten years or even longer, depending on the individual patient. Good oral hygiene is necessary to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. If the dentist detects a problem before it becomes too severe, they may be able to repair the teeth instead of extracting them and placing new implants. Additionally, the patient must understand that certain foods may stain their veneers and make them appear less bright over time. Coffee, tea, wine, berries, sauces, and other products can discolor the veneers, making them look less attractive. Ultimately, patients should practice good oral hygiene with their natural teeth along with caring for their veneers to keep them looking great for years to come!

If you have any questions about oral health, call us at (281) 972-4747 and schedule an appointment with our dentist. We’ll be happy to help you further.

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