• Ugo Chuks

COVID-19 has turned us all into Ninjas

It is July 1st today, approximately 4 months since the pandemic and shut down. We are now more conscious of our mortality. Everywhere you look there is talk about face masks, social distancing, zinc, vitamin C, boosting our immunity while being safe. We at Enviable Smiles have put procedures in place to promote health and wellness in our office environment. Secure Face masks (KN95), head coverings, medical grade Air purifiers, all the fun stuff!!

One sure way to boost your immune system is to make sure your mouth is healthy. Research shows that the condition of your mouth can affect your over all health and your immune system. So as you spend time taking care of your body, do not forget the gate way into your body is your mouth.

Come see us at Enviable smiles for all your mouth needs. #COVID19, #ENVIABLESMILES, #IMMUNITY

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